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Students’ strategies for saving money on life expenditures

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Whether you prefer a car, a bike, a bus, your trusty feet or perhaps a scooter, getting from point A to point B is a necessity of life, and these expenses of traveling add up. Gas, bike maintenance, bus passes and shoes all contribute to the dangerous downhill from a pleasantly plump wallet to a wallet’s that Olsen-twin emaciated. But worry not! There are a number of simple things you can do to bring down the cost of your transportation while still reaching your destination in style.

Obviously, for the vehicularly inclined, high gas prices put exorbitant strain on your bank accounts. In general, lighter vehicles use less gas, so take all that miscellaneous junk out of your trunk and enjoy an increased gas mileage. And if you feel like you are missing out on the scenery that the always lovely Palo Alto has to offer, you’ll love this next idea: slow down because it helps stretch that tank of gas.

Another great idea is to carpool, which is extra fabulous because it allows you to make friends while cruising around town. And if you want to make even more friends, using public transportation is the perfect solution for you. Taking the bus, train or other type of public transportation is a cost-effective way to get where you need to go. Passes are generally cheap, especially when you buy a package deal for multiple rides. Additionally, if you are able to plan your trip well, taking public transportation can be very efficient.

When you think about it, saving money on transportation is easy and with these simple ideas, you will be on your way to a fatter wallet.

Oyer, a sophomore, is an Entertainment Editor.

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Students’ strategies for saving money on life expenditures