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Students’ strategies for saving money on life expenditures

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Some dads teach their sons how to play baseball, or how to approach girls, but my dad was different; he taught me how to save money. Even early on in my youth, my dad never hesitated to impart his wisdom when it came to money. When I was young, he used a light swat on my hand and the simple phrase, “Too expensive!” to show me that chocolate bars were only for Halloween. I soon gained an appreciation for bargains. As I grew older, I developed a whole lifestyle around thrift.

By saving a few dollars each day, you will be able to save up for that new car or that prom tuxedo. If you usually just rely on parents for money, saving money can show how responsible you are and you can earn their trust.

Saving money is not always a chore. In fact, circumstances with less money tend to become the most thrilling adventures. For example, a trip to San Francisco with a bunch of cash would be spent going to the typical, safe places (i.e. department stores, The Cheesecake Factory, etc.) But if you limit the trip to a hundred dollars, you will be likely forced to go to places you wouldn’t have normally been.

With all the flashy lights and exorbitant decorations these days, people have taken the simpler luxuries in life for granted. It’s hard to believe that you can have just as much fun at an amusement park in a regular park. With all of the great natural resources out there, there are a million ways to hang out with friends for free. Hiking, camping and a bonfire at the beach are just a few great ideas. So go out, explore the world—you only live once.

Fong, a junior, is a reporter.

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Students’ strategies for saving money on life expenditures