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Pro: Should students travel this summer?

As summer creeps closer, many families begin making plans to travel during the months of June, July and Aug. Recently, “The Vacationer,” a travel journal dedicated to sharing travel insights, found that over 80% of American adults surveyed planned on traveling over the summer. Summer travel is beneficial because it exposes students to dif-ferent cultures and sparks an opportunity for them to enhance personal growth. Not only that, but summer is
also the most ideal season to travel.                                                                                                                                                                Travel is the best way to experience cultures that differ from one’s own. Within the U.S., for example, each state has a unique identity: Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun populations influence the state’s cuisine, beliefs, traditions and dialect. Not only that, but their presence offers unique looks into the French Quarter and the birthplace of jazz music. Ways to experience different cultures include trying new cuisines, learning to communicate with locals or simply walking around without a specific destination in mind. Through traveling, students can meet new people and widen their perspective on the world. Because students get to interact with various backgrounds, they can gain a more open mindset towards real life problems.
Summer is also a perfect time to recharge when burnt out after the last semester of school. According to a study conducted by the website Verywell Mind, travelers feel less stressed and anxious after three days into vacation because of the low-stress environment. Additionally, according to an article by “Psychology Today,” travel can enhance personal growth, as over 80% of the 200 people surveyed reported that it improved their problem-solving and decision-mak-
ing skills. Respondents also reported being more open-minded following travel. A break from school helps students refresh before the next year.                                                                                                                                                                            Furthermore, summer is the best season to travel as countries in the Northern Hemisphere have 12 to 24 hours of daylight each day. Countries such as Finland and Sweden receive a full day of sunlight during the season. More daylight allows for safer and more ideal conditions when traveling. Not only that, but an increase in daylight allows for more
time spent exploring places. Summer is also the only time students have large amounts of undisturbed freedom and a less-demanding schedule.                                                                                                                                                                                With hotel fees, plane tickets and more costing hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars, it is no secret that traveling is expensive. However, spending vast amounts of money on large trips is not necessary for
an enjoyable traveling experience. Cheaper alternatives to flying can be just as eye-opening and unique as
traveling to a far away place. Road trips, for example, allow students to travel at their own pace, whether it be with friends or with family.                                                                                                                                                                                         As summer break draws nearer, it is not too late to make travel plans.Whether it be a trip throughout California or even out of the country, travel is guaranteed to change one’s perspective on the world.

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