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Best ways to deal with college rejection

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1. Send your parents to Costco and have them buy a couple crates of double-ply tissues for your tears. Don’t go for the Kirkland brand; those will be sure to dry your eyes and nose out after a few hours, and you don’t want to feel and look horrible the next day.

2. Throw something really valuable at your couch. There’s nothing like throwing an object as hard as you can—it’s an excellent anger reliever. The importance of monetary worth of whatever you’re throwing allows you to be reckless and stupid while the cushiness of the couch prevents you from actually having to deal with any consequences

3. Plan out your summer. The summer after senior year is an absolutely beautiful thing—you have no obligations whatsoever and basically three months to do whatever you feel like. Want to take a road trip down to San Diego, or fly to New York? Go for it. The possibilities are endless. So get excited and start writing a bucket list for the summer.

4. Eating is the classic way to get over something, so eat a bunch of chocolate, devour a pizza and finish that pint of ice cream. But watch out—you don’t want to gain your freshman 15 before actually going to college.

5. Talk to people who’ve gone through it already. They usually have the best insight on whatever situation you’re in, and even if you don’t feel like you could ever accept the fact that you didn’t get into your dream college, you probably will one day.

6. Watch some kiddy movies. I’m a huge Disney fan, and I swear that watching childhood movies makes you feel better. It reminds you of a much simpler time when your biggest worry was getting a good snack in your lunchbox, and the cheesiness of it all will cure some of your post-rejection symptoms.

7. Play online games. I’m not ashamed to admit I still have a Neopets account; it’s where I head when I’m most bored. Not only will kiddy games divert your attention, but the seemingly meaningless victories will make you feel better. But avoid playing a game you suck at because losing blows.

8. Start an art project. That stuff takes a really long time and a ton of concentration, and by the time you finish, not only will you feel a bit of pride for what you just created, but so much time will have passed that you might be ready to think about being happy again.

—Compiled by Monica Cai

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Best ways to deal with college rejection