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GRT: Anshu Jayaprakash

Gunn Robotics Team (GRT) captain senior Anshu Jayaprakash stands in front of 50 students, presenting a workshop about machine basics and deadlines for tasks. GRT Advisor Kristina Granlund-Moyer listens at the side of the classroom, making sure that the class runs smoothly.

GRT has an organized leadership and structure. The first level of division is split up between veterans and rookies. A veteran is someone who has been on the team for at least one year and takes on specific roles. “[For example], we have machine leads, and their job is to create a shop training curriculum for the first semester,” he said. “In that curriculum, we teach the rookies how to use the machines. Throughout the year, [veterans] serve as an expert for the machines and [work on] their maintenance.”

At the top of the team structure are Jayaprakash, the captain, and Granlund-Moyer. He recognizes the role Granlund-Moyer is able to play in helping the team achieve their goals. “She often works with me and leadership members to help stay on track,” he said.

As the captain, Jayaprakash has many responsibilities. “I am the face of the team, so I’m responsible for all team execution,” he said. “I create class plans and manage the team, but I also report to Ms. Granlund-Moyer to make sure everything is going on target.”

With all of the careful planning involved in running a robotics team, Jayaprakash admits that he feels pressure carrying out his role. “I’m sometimes afraid I’m forgetting something because we have numerous projects,” he said. “I’ve come to learn that when I make a timeline, it’s not fully within my hands.”

Despite all of the hard work and long hours, Jayaprakash is looking forward to another year of GRT and is excited to create new inventions, such as the swerve drive train. “It serves as the base of the robot, but it can do a lot of interesting movements,” he said. “It would allow a robot to move in any way that we wanted.”

Overall, he is looking forward to the new season and seeing how the rookies progress. “It reminds me of back when I was first learning,” he said. “For them to really get learn about what they’re passionate about is what I love the most.”

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