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Imagine you’re biking, and it’s 100 degrees outside. You continue to pedal and pedal as you sweat and your face turns a brilliant tomato-red. There is one simple solution to avoid this uncomfortable situation: driving. Whether it’s pouring rain or beating down sunshine, driving will always be of the utmost comfort. Along with protection from the weather, driving has several other benefits. Commuting with a car allows students to have independence during their preps and relax in preferable conditions—and it requires absolutely zero physical exertion.

First, driving goes along extremely well with a prep of any period. If a student happens to have a first or fifth prep, they can drive themselves to school while avoiding the massive traffic that builds up on Arastradero in the mornings. Driving with a fourth or
seventh prep also allows students to leave school before the chaos in the parking lot begins. If a student has a mid-day prep, they can leave whenever they want—whether they want to go to Town and Country or Mid- town, both are just a 15 minute or less drive away. Since it’s quite hard to catch a bus at a random time in the day and inconvenient to bike 30 to 45 minutes, driving is always the most reliable.

For drivers concerned about parking, the Student Activities Center (SAC) has been generous enough to make parking permits available to juniors as well, not just seniors. Even if a student can’t or doesn’t want to get a parking permit, parking on Georgia Avenue is certainly a viable alternative. However, if you do decide to park on Georgia, make sure you’re looking for signs, as certain spots are illegal to park in. Even with this restriction, there are still plenty of parking spots, and the walk to school is no longer than seven or eight minutes.

Driving to school also allows students to relax in whatever temperature they prefer,
free from the blazing heat or the freezing cold. It also provides them with some alone time, away from their parents or other students. You have the freedom to jam out and listen to whatever music you like, not the thousand-year-old music that you’re forced to listen to when your parents drive you. Driving affords students this freedom that both biking and taking the bus don’t.

Lastly, driving requires little to no physical effort, which cannot be said about biking or walking. Biking or walking to school with a trumpet or baseball bag can be very inconvenient. Driving allows students to easily bring whatever items they need with them.
Thus, it’s evident that driving to school is unequivocally the best option for students.

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