Humor: How to maximize preps

Actually Study

For those who find bliss in boredom, prep periods are a great time to practice productivity. Unfortunately, this productivity entails doing the DeltaMath that was due two weeks ago or finally bashing out that essay that needs to be turned in next period. By all definitions schoolwork is painful, unenjoyable, anguish-inducing and can only be described as agonizing drudgery, but it’s got to be done eventually. At least the campus provides a plethora of comfortable workspaces for these tedious tasks, such as the library. But, if that schoolwork were to be simply done at home, perhaps prep could be used for much more exciting activities.

Visit friends

For some, fleeting glances at friends during passing period simply aren’t enough. So if it’s known what classroom they are in, why not visit them during prep? Sneaking into the room by carefully tip-toeing through the front door is a tried-and-true method of entering classrooms unnoticed. If the door is shut, climbing in through an open window is a viable option as well. Crawling through the vents can work too, though it could look rather suspicious if one is caught exiting them. If entering the classroom is absolutely impossible, trying to make intense eye contact with said friend from outside the classroom window is another fun prep activity to engage in.

Browse memes

Studies show that Gunn students can last a maximum of 72 minutes without looking at memes on their phones. Past that threshold, they begin to display signs of agitation, nausea and disorientation. Unfortunately, school policies prohibit the consumption of memes within the classroom. On prep, however, there are no annoying teachers to sneak up behind students to snatch phones out of their hands and angrily reprimand them. Students on prep are welcome to log on to Instagram, Reddit, Twitter or whatever their preferred app is, and peruse memes at their pleasure. As long as they still make it to their next class on time, that is.

Work out

Slacking off on a workout schedule is an extremely common condition that, sadly, affects the vast majority of Gunn students. Using prep periods to “hit the gym” and start an exercise routine is therefore a very wise choice. If weights
to lift are nowhere to be found, a hefty bio textbook or two is a more-than-acceptable substitute that can be easily found almost anywhere on campus. Pro tip: the turf at the center of the quad is an excellent place to hold a plank, do some sit-ups or get those bicep curl reps in. The strange looks from those walking by are an additional bonus.