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Irene Hong

Rolling Backpack

As soon as the bell rings for brunch, the wheels hit the pavement and they’re off. Whether running to a remote classroom or through the parking lot, the plastic wheels are sure to be heard anywhere within a 200 foot radius.

The rolling backpack kid, often also characterized as the runner, is in most circumstances an underclassman who does not know when their next period starts. They tend to only move at a break-neck pace, but have a skill for weaving around people busy halls. The rolling backpack kid can sometimes be hard to spot, moving constantly at high speeds, but their plastic-wheel ringtone is always a sure sign one is near.

When it comes to the deadly mix of a rolling backpack and a fast runner, hallway goers must always take three steps to ensure staying safe. Firstly, listen. As mentioned earlier, others in the halls are always afforded a precautionary noise of wheels on pavement. Similar to a skateboard in sound, this is a reliable technique to avoiding collisions in the first place.

If you fail to hear the warning or make the deadly decision to wear headphones, the next best thing anyone can do is to check their surroundings. Steer clear of the center of the hallway, and try to position your own backpack in a defensive manner. Finally, if all fails and a collision does occur, make sure everyone is all right before giving advice for the future. A kind “watch out next time,” or even telling them what time the next period starts, goes a long way.

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