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Join the Scooby-doo mystery Gang

Have three friends and a dog? No? That’s okay—any member of the Mystery Gang is highly recognizable and also fairly practically dressed. Shaggy has the easiest costume: brown pants, a green shirt and a laissez-faire attitude are all that you need. However, to really sell the character, you can also tape a “Scooby Snax” sign to a cereal box and carry that around with you as a prop—bonus points if you’re also constantly shoveling Cheerios into your mouth.

If Shaggy isn’t your style, there are four more characters to choose from, although some may be harder to dress up as than others and one may be a canine. The most important factor to keep in mind is
the color scheme: you come across as Velma as long as you have orange on top and red on the bottom. The glasses, however, are indeed crucial. Furthermore, drawing freckles and wearing knee-high socks are great add-ons for those who want to go the extra mile.

Fred also has a fairly simple outfit: white shirt and blue pants. What makes him discernible, though, is the orange neckerchief, otherwise you’re just wearing a regular outfit. The orange neckerchief is a dealbreaker, so if you can’t source one another outfit might be the play.

Daphne and Scooby-Doo have the most difficult looks to steal, what with Daphne being a canon fashion icon and Scooby being, well, a dog. However, if you have enough purple and green things in your wardrobe, a Daphne costume is certainly possible. Scooby, on the other hand, requires one very special accessory: his collar. An all-brown outfit is more than doable, but the collar is a gray area. Scooby-hopefuls can construct one out of cardboard and paper, but in all honesty, that just seems like too much work.

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