October 2022 Diversity Audit

The voices of the Gunn community should feel represented, respected and heard in The Oracle. In the past, we have covered cultural holidays and traditions. Yet, we began asking ourselves why we are only thinking about representation and diversity when a cultural holiday approaches. We should be thinking about representation and diversity throughout each cycle. 

Starting this month, The Oracle will implement a Diversity Audit where we will measure progress toward our goal of inclusion, equity, diversity and unity. Each new cycle, writers will be held accountable for featuring a diverse set of voices (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity and grade levels). After each cycle, we will publish the results of the diversity audit for readers to look at. The staff will also reflect on the statistics and think of solutions to increase representation for the next cycle. With this Diversity Audit, we believe The Oracle is taking a step in the right direction toward ensuring that everyone is heard.