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Elise Hu

New hobby

Long breaks from school are great opportunities to focus your energies on pursuits that you’re too busy for during the
semester. How could you possibly learn how to knit when you have a long essay question or a vocab go-around to prepare for? Thus, this winter break, take time to learn a new hobby, whether it be needle-felting, knitting, learning a new instrument or even a new language. There’s a lot of resources available to get started on the hobby of choice. Michael’s has a variety of crafts supplies and endless videos on the internet offer tutorials on any and every activity. If you already have a basic level of knowledge in a certain pastime, you can continue to develop expertise in it and emerge from winter break as a master at doll customization. Who knows? The world is your oyster. Many hobbies offer a great way to rest your eyes from screens. You might find yourself binging season after season of television over the course of the break, and while you certainly have the right to do so, your poor retinas might be screaming for a temporary hiatus from the blue light. Maybe you decide that over break, you want to begin journaling. This is a great way to express creativity and keep yourself stimulated, while also being very cathartic and meditative, and it doesn’t involve any screens.

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