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Elise Hu

Self care

Winter break is an ideal time to focus on yourself and take a break from the demands of school and outside activities. Taking “me-time” can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s reading a book by the fireplace, relishing safety from the frosty winter weather (a low of 52 degrees). For others, it could be jumping up and down in the rain while listening to a new favorite song. What’s really important, however, is making sure you have a moment to recharge your school battery. If you’re unsure of how to spend time prioritizing yourself, think about a time you were stressed. A time when it felt like the world would collapse if you didn’t finish that assignment, or get that one grade on that one test. What would’ve been comforting to do at that time? It could be as simple as taking a walk around the block, but looking back and recognizing your needs are the key to self-care. So take that hot shower on a Tuesday morning. Make that green smoothie. Write a letter to yourself. Try out a skincare routine. Take time this holiday break to reconstruct a healthy mindset and be proud. Embrace being alone this December and take time to grow and stop at everything life has to offer.

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