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Truth be told, American television has seen enough of the “your average teenage girl who goes through high school, desperately trying to define herself” storylines. However, in the case of the Music Television (MTV) series, “Awkward,” the stereotypical plot experiences a few hilarious twists. Of course, “Awkward” has all of the characters expected of the average TV show about high school; the popular hunk jock, the standard misunderstood girl who ends up falling for the popular boy, and of course, the snobby cheerleaders who make the plot that much more complicated.
However, unlike other TV dramas, the “Awkward” characters are strung together by the touching, hilarious and, well, funnily awkward storyline. Season 2 of “Awkward” is not to be missed. Tune in on June 28 to catch up on the life of Jenna Hamilton, a normal girl with a genial outlook on life, and of course, to fall in love with the oh-so-beautiful Matty Mckibben. Once you’re watching, you’ll find yourself scouting for re-runs all through summer.

“Major Crimes”
Couldn’t get enough of the Turner Network Television (TNT) hit series, “The Closer?” Well, this August, TNT is premiering a spin-off of “The Closer,” called “Major Crimes.” “Major Crimes” stars Mary McDonnel, as Captain Sharon Raider, head of the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) “Major Crimes” division. “Major Crimes” will also feature recurring cast members from “The Closer,” including Robert Gosset and Jon Tenney.
“Major Crimes” is expected to revolve around the LAPD’s most intense cases and keep viewers glued to the edge of their seats. This new series is anticipated to be filled with gun fights, crime scene investigations and of course, policemen kicking some major ass. The show takes place in the bustling city of Los Angeles and the officers of the Major Crimes department witness gruesome, heartbreaking and puzzling crimes on a daily basis. If you’re into suspense, drama and humor, tune in to TNT this summer to enjoy a dose of action and drama.

“Anger Management”
On June 28, the world will watch as Charlie Sheen makes his TV comeback in the new Fox Networks series “Anger Management.” In this new show, Sheen plays an anger management therapist who is considered to be slightly bonkers and has some anger management problems of his own. Sheen winds up in a sticky situation with one of his patients, which leads to a series of random but hilarious events. This series is based on the 2003 comedy “Anger Management,” which starred Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson.
Although there are still not many details about the synopsis of the show, it is guaranteed to be a knee slapper that will leave you breathless and rolling on the floor. And remember, “Your temper is the one thing you can’t get rid of by losing it.”

—Compiled by Stephanie Zhang

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