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Dylan Sperandio goes for a round at Board Game Club

As I entered the Board Game club, advisor Steve Ames’ voice echoed through the room. “Take your seats, guys,” he said. “We’re going to be playing Sitting Ducks Gallery.” I hurried to a chair, nervous, as I had never heard of this game before. I voiced my unfamiliarity, but everyone assured me that the game was easy to learn. Each participant gets a set of duck pieces at the beginning of the game, and their goal is to get as many pieces across the board as they can. Players can eliminate each other’s ducks and move their own pieces depending on instructions on an action card they draw each turn. Actions include targeting a duck, shooting a duck, moving one’s duck forward or backward and more. A few rounds went by and I had taken down many ducks, scheming with others to target certain players and shrewdly making deals to protect my own. It was my first time at the club, but I had forgotten my qualms about learning a new board game. Even though I was there as a spy for The Oracle, I was having fun with everyone else.

After the bell rang, we kept on playing. A few intense minutes later, ducks dropping like flies, we counted the number of ducks eliminated. I ended up being late for my 3rd period class, but it was worth it: I had won. But even if I had lost, I would not have minded. I had a great time, and look forward to returning to club meetings not as a spy but as a member. The games are fun, fast, and easy to learn. Everyone is nice and welcoming, too. If you are looking for a fun club to go to on a Thursday, make sure to check out the Board Game club.

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