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Isha Sinha steps into the spotlight at Thespian Club

Bright spotlights and boisterous personalities were the first things I noticed when I walked into the drama club. I was initially intimidated by the exuberant members that made for a mildly chaotic environment far out of my comfort zone. I quickly realized I would have to push my own limits to keep up. After eating lunch in the audience seats, (senior) Chloe Lee, president of the drama club, invited all members to the stage to play a game. The rules were simple: randomly choose a playing card and hold it up for everyone but yourself to see. The higher the value of the card, the richer the character is. Then interact with others in character and guess the value of your card based on the interactions. My ineptitude in acting made me slightly nervous to play, but other members were patient and encouraged me to keep trying. Since everybody treated me like upper class during my interactions, I had guessed my card to be a queen or king. After several interactions, I realized that while the club members were originally somewhat intimidating, everyone was good-natured and willing to interact despite my lack of acting ability. A few rounds later, Lee gathered everyone in a group and each person flipped their card around to see if their guess was correct. My guess of my character being royalty was correct, but my card turned out to be a jack, not a queen or king. Somewhat unexpectedly, the game had turned out to be pretty fun, and the high energy level of the club became homey and inviting. After realizing that my original assumption that the drama club would be too high-energy for me was incorrect, I left the club on a positive note. My experience with the club was overall very fun, and I’d recommend attending to others who enjoy interacting with others and are looking to get out of their comfort zone.

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