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Blast from the past: traveling way back to childhood memories

Rainbow Looms

Vivian Studdert, Sports Editor

As most 2000s kids would know, accessories were always the key to any great outfit. Whether it be plastic Disney princess high heels or a snap-on bracelet, every pair of low-rise jeans and crimped hair took kindly to some fun add-ons. Not long after Silly Bandz—the peculiarly shaped animal elastics—took the world by storm, a more complex and endearing form of rubber band jewelry was born: Rainbow...

My Password Journal

Fiona Xiong, Online Editor

Childhoods are filled with excitement—whether it’s experiencing a first crush or going through trivial friend group drama, an eight-year-old’s life is filled with secrets. However, with a roaming sibling or a sneaky friend, it’s unlikely for one to find a safe space to express these thoughts in an intimate fashion. Luckily, My Password Journal was here to listen. Developed in the early 2000s,...


Jeffrey Kang, Forum Editor

The excitement of yanking the ripcord out of the launcher. The thud of the rubber tip of the top striking the plastic stadium. The sound of the beys clinking and clanking against each other. These are all typical aspects associated with a past childhood craze: Beyblades. Revived in the 2010s due to the anime series Metal Fight, Beyblade first emerged in 1999, crafted by the Japanese company Takara. The...

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