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Athletes support candidates

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Written by: Mitch Donat

President Barack Obama: 

Lebron James: Champion basketball player for the Miami Heat Lebron James attended the “Obama Classic,” a fundraiser for the Obama campaign, the previous summer. Parts of the “Obama Classic” included a celebrity game, skills camp, and complimentary dinner.

Victor Cruz: New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is a loyal member of “Latinos for Obama,” and extended his support for Obama by co-hosting a fundraiser for the President at Chelsea Piers.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson: Former Los Angeles Laker superstar Magic Johnson has expressed his support for re-election of President Obama by attending and donating to numerous campaigns as well as showing support through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Governor Mitt Romney:

Greg Anthony: Retired defensive specialist for the National Basketball Association Greg Anthony voted for President Obama back in 2008, but has switched his ballot this year and is now on the side of Mitt Romney.  Anthony starred in a TV ad back in October indicating his support for Governor Romney.

John Elway: Hall of Fame quarterback for the Denver Broncos John Elway has openly endorsed Mitt Romney. In addition to his open support, he attended campaign rallies for Governor Romney in Colorado.

Hulk Hogan: Professional wrestler and TV star Hulk Hogan has openly expressed his disapproval of President Obama and his support for Mitt Romney, although he did vote for him in 2008. Hogan did this through an interview on FOX News.

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Athletes support candidates