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Most people have experienced a time when the restaurant they desperately crave food from is too far away or just doesn’t deliver at all. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue thanks to Food Lovers United Company (FLUC). FLUC is a brand new service that delivers food straight to your home from restaurants. Adam Ahmad, Tim Davis and Pako Magdaleno founded FLUC earlier this year because they felt that the food delivery industry needed to be consistent. The founders, as well as the employees, guarantee that your food will arrive at your door in fewer than 45 minutes, which is far faster than getting the food yourself.

FLUC has been spreading like wildfire thanks to word of mouth. Students from Stanford University, Gunn High School and Palo Alto High School have been actively calling in orders, and the company is seeing a steady increase of 20 to 30 percent in orders each week. “Eating is a group activity,” FLUC employee senior Andy Kidder said. “Once one friend knows about FLUC, the knowledge spreads and the company grows.” This has proven true at Gunn, with FLUC becoming the go-to service for students during their study breaks.

A typical workday at FLUC is different from one at most part-time jobs. A FLUC employee drives across town to various restaurants and personally delivers the food to different houses in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Atherton, Stanford and even the Castro in San Francisco. Encounters like these may sound uncomfortable for most high schoolers, but Kidder enjoys delivering. “It isn’t awkward at all,” Kidder said. “Everyone is always so excited to get their food.” Going to random people’s houses can even be an enjoyable experience. “It’s a great way to meet new people,” senior Hans von Clemm said. “They are always very gracious when we delivery their food so fast.”

To use FLUC, visit its website or use the mobile application for iPhones. Menus of the restaurants that have signed up with FLUC are displayed on the home page of the application and are listed with the hours during which they are open. To order food from a restaurant that is not yet linked to FLUC, make a request and the company will contact the restaurant. When an order is placed, an employee is alerted on his or her phone. The hungry customer is then able to track his delivery person’s progress on his phone through Global Positioning System (GPS). He can also receive text messages or notifications via email about where his FLUC employee is located.

The size of the order and the distance driven has no impact on the delivery price. Whether a customer orders just one cup of coffee from a local café or enough food for a party, the price is always the same—$5.95. In order to guarantee hot, fresh food (or cold icecream or frozen yogurt), meals arrive in a heat-retaining box designed by the founders. “We deliver food from almost all restaurants in Palo Alto,” senior Justin Yoo said. “We’ll bring it to you hot and ready, even if they don’t offer delivery.”

According to Yoo, with the company’s growing popularity among students and its creative use of technology, it looks like FLUC will be a success that’s here to stay. “I think that with the way things have been going, FLUC will definitely last,” he said. “We’re still expanding, so things can really only get better from here.” FLUC is looking to spread to more of the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco, and hopes to advance its mobile application and GPS.

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