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What is actually attractive?

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Attraction. The very word attracts. It is the perennial motivator of human conduct: the provenance of our deepest feelings and desires that inherently inspire our culture and opinions. Yet how accurately is it represented?

He is captivating, well-known and universally regarded as the thrill-seeking bad guy. What makes him attractive? Is it because girls seek spontaneity and excitement through adventure? In reality, if the girl does choose the scoundrel, her exasperation will escalate after only a few weeks of his roguish behavior. Their relationship will not last long.

Some say most single girls aren’t waiting for a nice, safe guy. I say, that’s exactly the guy I have. For me, a classily-dressed man seems more fun than a boisterous troublemaker.

Dressed in clean, original attire, my boyfriend looks charming and handsome. Like his personality, everything he wears suits him perfectly, right down to his shoes.

Although physical attraction is present in our relationship, the sentiment that drives our attraction goes beyond that. Sensitivity and musicality are key factors in my boyfriend’s appeal. The arts are a language that we both understand and are enthusiastic about. With a soft heart, his passion for music and poetry shows that he is not afraid to reflect his emotional side. Honest and true, he says what is on his mind and in his heart. Being able to hold a good conversation with a guy makes him more attractive to me; it’s an indication that he is a strong-minded, independent thinker.

Even deeper than these encompassing themes in our relationship, I look for the little things. Sometimes the quirky or cliché (cheesy) things he says and does are the sweetest and most romantic. Witty words keep our conversations light, while not superficial.

Overall, what’s most important is that we have the same values. Also, he makes me laugh like no one else can. What’s more attractive than that?

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What is actually attractive?