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Get to know your campus: the seven top hot spots

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Everyone from the work-swamped student to the laid-back lounger can make good use of the library. The comfortable space offers students a wide variety of resources, including computers, couches, private desks and, of course, books. In addition, laptops and books can be checked out for a limited period of time. Overdue book owners are not charged a fee but will be prevented from attending graduation at the end of the school year if books are not turned in by the final deadline. Connected to the library is a small outside patio called the Acorn Lounge. Also in the library are the technology office and Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS) offices. The library often serves as a place for school events such as guest speeches and Advanced Placement (AP) testing. The main librarians are Meg Omainsky and Ryan Toumy, and the assistant librarians are Carole Langston and Katie Hom.

Library hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.


Academic Center

The Academic Center (AC) provides students with a relaxed environment for doing homework, eating lunch and hanging out with friends along with other activities. Students can access computers, textbooks, tables for work, a microwave, tea and other valuable resources. After school, the multi-purpose room also offers small treats such as candy, ramen noodles and other snacks.  On occasion, students may find free food waiting on the front desk. The AC is often filled with students, and it can be a great place for recreation and chatty group work. Throughout the year, the AC also hosts small events such as lottery drawings  in which the entire student populace can participate. The AC staff are Hansen Sekona and Pam Steward.

The AC hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.


Guidance Office

Anyone looking for help with schedules, coursework, personal problems, college questions, volunteer work or job opportunities can find it at the guidance office. The guidance counselors give personalized advice in one-on-one sessions. They provide students with helpful information about various educational opportunities. Those who wish for a meeting should make prior appointments with their respective counselors, although drop-ins are permitted. Students can findvarious pamphlets regarding work and volunteer openings, colleges, careers, the SAT and ACT tests, driving and options for those interested in joining the military. The nurse’s office is located at the end of the office. The guidance counselors are Bill Christensen, Myesha Compton, Derek Johanson, Lisa Kaye, Challis Michael, Molly Michaelis and Deanna Mistele. Registrar Tracy Douglas, Work Experience Coordinator Meri Gyves and Guidance Technician Robin Francesconi are also located in the guidance office.

The guidance office hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15  p.m. from Monday to Friday.


Main Office

As intimidating as getting called to the principal’s office may sound, the office can provide students with information that can make campus life less stressful. The main office is the go-to for general questions. Secretary Martha Elderon will answer most inquiries, such as those concerning school hours or important dates. School visitors who wish to park their cars in the school parking lot must stop by the main office to pick up a temporary parking permit. Forms for the start of school, transferring or student visitors can also be picked up at and turned in to the main office. Those trying to find Principal Denise Herrmann or assistant principals Tom Jacoubowsky, James Lubbe and Heather Wheeler or Dean of Students Tara Keith will find them at the office, too. Teacher boxes are located to the left of the office, so students trying in vain to physically reach their teachers can leave them notes in the appropriate box. Donations to school booster programs (e.g. sports boosters) can be dropped off at the office.

The main office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday to Friday.



The Student Activities Center (SAC) serves as a hotbed for student recreation and functions as the home of the Student Executive Council (SEC). The SAC sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, bus passes, yearbooks and, starting the first day of school for carpoolers, parking permits. It is also the destination for ticket purchases for upcoming dances. The multi-room complex houses the Student Lounge, two ping-pong tables, an air hockey table, couches, computers, vending machines and a hot chocolate station, making the SAC a perfect place to hang out during a prep, lunch or after school. The SAC’s staff are Kim Knaack and Leslie Kousnetz and Student Activities Director Lisa Hall.

SAC hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday.



Legend has it that a swimming pool is located on the roof of the Spangenberg Theater, even though, to this date, not a single expedition has been mounted to confirm the preposterous allegation. Along with its role in what may be Gunn’s most mysterious rumor, Spangenberg has served as the principle auditorium since 1965. Highly regarded for its wide-ranging versatility, the theatre functions as a site for school-wide assemblies, Advanced Placement (AP) test sign-ups, TED talks, student concerts and theatrical performances. Named after Karl R. Spangenberg, a Stanford professor of Electrical Engineering, the theatre holds a maximum house occupancy of 953 people and an onstage occupancy of 160 people; no word on how many people can fit inside the purportedly real pool.



The cafeteria is home to a variety of food options that change throughout the week. Students can visit the cafeteria during brunch and lunch to pick up refreshments. The lunch line is usually long but shrinks down fairly quickly. Students can buy a full meal complete with a hot or cold entree, a drink and fruit for $4.25. Those requiring financial aid can receive food for free. The cafeteria is equipped with vending machines for those who are looking for a quick bite or refreshing drink. The vending machines hold a plethora of bars and chips among other snacks. The cafeteria staff are Rae Chang, Lisa Mahpour, Donna Martin, Caridad Torres and Maria Turner.

The cafeteria is open during brunch and lunch hours.

—Compiled by The Oracle staff

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Get to know your campus: the seven top hot spots