Pandora’s Box


The Oracle

Written by Kush Dubey

Literary magazine Pandora’s Box—which publishes student-produced creative writing pieces, photography and art—sold out their winter issue last Dec. and hopes to attain similar success with their spring 2015 issue in May.

According to junior club president Elise Most, the club’s recent success can be attributed to the copy’s higher definition display, as well as the use of a different publishing company. “This year we had enough funds to print in color, so our magazine was a lot higher quality than the last few issues,” she said.

In addition, Pandora’s Box has experienced an increase in membership. Most believes that this expansion has resulted in more dedicated participants. Whether it was getting people to work on club posters or collaborating on a creative writing project, members proved to be more committed to the club’s activities. Most adds that the environment of the club has also improved since last year. “I was a member last year, and I feel like Pandora’s Box got more engaging and people were more into the activities we were doing.”

Despite numerous accomplishments, the club still plans on moving forward in a number of ways. Most plans to print and sell more than the traditional 60 copies produced each semester. “This semester we’re going to print more copies of our Spring 2015 issue and try to gain more readers,” she said. Furthermore, Most believes that increasing the student body’s recognition of the publication is critical in boosting sales. “A big issue the club has had is publicity so we want to be more inclusive to get more students’ compositions in and make sure that we get more copies out to the school.”

Most attributes much of the club’s success to the high level of integrity. “My officers have been really supportive and cooperative with me,” she said. “Also all of the club’s members have been really committed throughout the process.”

Most is especially excited to look at submitted works for the next issue. “I’m always surprised by seeing the name of a club member or a friend, and it always astonishes me how beautiful [the piece] is,” she said.

Students should send work to [email protected] by Feb. 27 for their spring 2015 issue. Photos and artwork should be in JPEG format.