The Oracle

Written by Prachi Kale

Though GunnBrand4U is a new club on campus, it already has quite a few accomplishments under its belt. The club, where students can learn and develop business skills from professional speakers, has been putting its skills to use by working with non-profit organization, Deborah’s Palm, a support organization for women. Chief Marketing Officer senior Paula Kyin believes that working with Deborah’s Palm has been one of the club’s most prominent successes. “I think our greatest achievement so far is being able to keep up with a real life business,” she said. “It’s so impressive to see all the members’ work being applied to a real cause.”

Chief Executive Officer junior Jordana Siegel also agrees that working with Deborah’s Palm has been a noteworthy accomplishment for the club. “We are treated as equals in innovating and improving Deborah’s Palm while working incredibly closely with their leadership body,” she said. “This offers an opportunity for our club members to apply their skills to an actual business and see their hard work in action.”

Chief Operating Officer senior Noah Krigel believes that the club has come far from where they started. “We started the club with five members with only the idea that we wanted to help a non-profit,” he said. “I think it’s amazing that we now are paired with a non-profit, our club has expanded to over 30 active members and, best yet, we now have a clear-cut idea of how we will help.”

Kyin also believes that the club couldn’t have gotten this far without the work and effort put in by all of its members. “We’re really lucky to have a great club advisor, Cristina Florea, who’s incredibly passionate about the club and its purpose,” she said. “We have hard-working club members and enthusiastic board members who all really want to see the club succeed.”

According to Siegel, the club has achieved its success due to the work ethic of its members. “We learn the most through applying our business knowledge and the students in the club recognize that without their hard work, we would not be able to make any real change,” she said. “They are the ones who are extremely motivated to help Deborah’s Palm and are putting their all into the club. Another big part of our success is Deborah’s Palm’s trust in us to create change in their organization and their belief in our competency and potential to succeed.”

GunnBrand4U is currently planning and hosting a black-tie gala in May to raise money and awareness for Deborah’s Palm.