Biggest Superfans at Gunn: Vishal Bomdica

Written by Lisa Hao





The Oracle: When’s the first time you knew about the Warriors?

Vishal Bomdica: I probably knew about them throughout my life because I grew up in the Bay Area, but I didn’t really start watching them until I was in sixth grade. I just started watching from the first game of the 2009-2010 season. At first, it wasn’t an extreme love or anything because honestly the team was garbage. They only won 26 games that year, but I thought they were really fun to watch.

TO: What’s the hardest part about being a Warriors fan?

VB: The first three years I was a fan were tough. Then, Monta Ellis got traded a couple years into being a fan. Then, Stephen Curry—my favorite player—was riddled with injuries his sophomore season and his third season. It honestly was just frustrating because the ownership was terrible. They had to get rid of the ownership before the Warriors could ever become good again—and they did eventually. Before the 2012-2013 season, the Warriors had only made the playoffs once in the past 18 years. They were at or near the bottom of the NBA each year.

TO: Did you still enjoy being a fan when the Warriors were not doing as well?

VB: Yeah, I did. For some reason, I loved watching them even when they sucked because they were so exciting. They scored the ball a lot; they didn’t just play defense. Every game ended up being really close and competitive. So, I still loved it.

TO: Why’d you become a fan?

VB: I’ve been playing basketball my entire life and I love the sport a lot. I never really watched it and in sixth grade, I was like, “Why aren’t I watching it?” Then, I was like, “All right, you know what? They’re my local team. I’ll just start watching them.”

TO: What’s the best experience you’ve had?

VB: [In] 2014, Warriors were playing Oklahoma City Thunder and it was a really close game. Then, Russell Westbrook comes up and hits a deep three from 30 feet out; that puts OKC up one point. The Warriors had two seconds to get the ball in-bounds and score the ball. They got the ball to Andre Iguodala; he fades away, shoots, swishes. Game-winner. I love that game. The greatest part so far was also last season, when they ascended from just a playoff team to one of the best teams in NBA history. What they are doing this year is even more amazing.

TO: What’s your favorite part about being a fan?

VB: I think it’s the feeling in the fourth quarter when it’s a close game. It’s grown to the point where I’ll get nervous. I start sweating and I start gritting my teeth. I get mad. I get emotional about things that are affecting something that I can’t really control. I go crazy. If you ask anybody that knows me, I go absolutely crazy.

TO: Do you normally watch the games?

VB: I’ve watched since sixth grade. I’ve probably missed five or six out of 500-ish games.

TO: If Curry left the Warriors, would you still be a fan?

VB: I would still love the Warriors as much as everything but it would be really hard on me if Curry no longer played for them. Obviously, I look up to Curry and he’s my favorite player. I would still be a diehard Warriors fan, but I would definitely support Curry on the side.

TO: Do you feel like your love for the Warriors has changed throughout the years? If so, how?

VB: It’s grown. When I first started watching, I wasn’t nervous; I just thought it was entertainment. As time went on, you feel like a part of the team as a whole. You feel like supporting them makes a difference. [My love] has increased and it continues to increase after every game.