Student, faculty members attend Giants parade

Student, faculty members attend Giants parade

The Oracle


By: Monica Cai and Krishan Allen

Photos courtesy of Lynn Glover and Jordan Leung

On Nov. 3, Gunn students and teachers took the day to head up to San Francisco and get a taste of the victory that they have waited so long for. For the first time in 56 years, The San Francisco Giants were crowned World Series champions, and the chance to celebrate such a momentous occasion was too great to pass up. Main Office Secretary Lynn Glover made the trip to the city to witness history. Given her status as an employee for the Giants’ guest services department working as an usher at games, Glover was invited to walk in the parade. “Everyone was hyped up and smiling,” Glover said. “It was so wonderful to see everyone happy and because of this team everyone had come together.” Students also jumped at the chance to witness the celebration of the Giants huge win. “The parade was awesome,” senior Yotam Kasznik said. “It was really cool to be a part of the first Bay Area sports teams championship.”

As expected, everyone was jubilant as players on floats strolled through downtown and confetti rained from above. “The parade was insane,” senior Kiana Choroski said. “I don’t think I will ever see that much black and orange again in my life.” The opportunity for fans to be in the presence of the world champions seemed like the most exciting prospect to some. “My favorite part of the parade was when all the players came by in their trolleys and the reactions from all the people in the crowd were ridiculous,” Choroski said.

Fans from all over the country showed up in the thousands to gather in downtown San Francisco at the chance to greet the new champions. BART reported a record number of transit riders that day—522,200. Many were taken aback by the sheer masses of people at the procession, which were numbered to be around one million. “The crowd was crazy and there were so many people,” Kasznik said. “You couldn’t walk five feet without bumping into somebody. The place was so packed, it looked like a sea of black and orange.”

The parade route was chosen as a recreation of the path that 1958 Giants took when moving to San Francisco from New York. It began on Montgomery and Washington streets, then headed toward Market street finishing at the Civic Center Plaza where San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom presented the Key to the City to the team.

There were smiles all around as people came together to celebrate a hard-fought, long-awaited victory. “There was just a lot of love and a lot of warmth,” Glover said. “It’s a wonderful feeling for the city.”