Viral Internet memes of the past year

Written by Samuel Tse

Damn Daniel: This internet trend started from a Snapchat video of a person shouting to who we presume is Daniel, ‘Damn Daniel, back at it with the white vans.’ Since then, the phrase has been used everywhere, though nobody actually knows what the saying means. There have been variations of the phrase, but it always starts with Damn -insert name here-, back at it with the -insert related noun-.

Pepe: A green frog known as Pepe started showing up everywhere on the internet as a meme. The goal of it all? To find and like all the rare Pepes. These memes can have a wide variety of topics or jokes. Sometimes, rare Pepes are leaked, leading to the rare Pepe to flood the internet. The rare Pepe meme also has come to incorporate economic analyses of the meme market system.

It has gotten to the point where all the rare Pepes have become common Pepes and the common ones to rares.

John Cena: John Cena is a professional wrestler who became a popular meme from to a youtube video from 2014 of a radio channel pranking a mother. In one form of this meme, the meme consists of a video of a scene from a TV show or movie with a long set up. Then, someone says something along the lines of “I’m—” or “My name is—” and is subsequently interrupted by a clip of John Cena’s WWE intro.

Just Do It: This meme is of Shia LaBeouf giving an inspirational speech. The speech is an excerpt from the artistic video #INTRODUCTIONS. LaBeouf’s performance is in front of a green screen and is particularly intense. From phrases like ‘Just do it’ and ‘Make your dreams come true’ he truly is an inspiration to this generation. The meme typically focuses on LaBeouf’s intense declaration of “Just do it!” With spoofs of his speech everywhere on the internet, it’s hard to say you’ve never seen it ever before.

DJ Khaled: Another inspirational speaker, DJ Khaled is a rapper from Florida. He was made popular by the YouTube reaction videos of Khaled’s Hold You Down music video by H3H3 Productions. Khaled uses Snapchat to update things about his life, taking short videos from his breakfasts for the day and his exercise regimen to him watering his flowers and lion statue and travelling on his jet ski. In each of his videos he has inspirational messages that he wants to share with everyone such as ‘You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius!’ and ‘The key is to make it.’ The renowned fupa lord recently made a visit to Palo Alto showing how popular he has gotten. You can follow him @DJKhaled305 for more inspirational messages. And another one. And another one. And another one. And remember, don’t ever play yourself.