5 hacks for efficient packing

Compiled by Evalyn Li

1. Roll, don’t fold

Rolling your clothes prevents wrinkles and saves suitcase space. You will be able to pack more. It also prevents you from having to dig to reach that one shirt you packed at the bot- tom of your suitcase.


2. Repurpose shower caps

You may deny it, but you most likely have shower caps somewhere in your house. For suit- cases with no shoe compartment, shower caps can be attached to soles, creating a barrier be- tween your dirty shoes and your clean suitcase.

airplane copy

3. Pack only what you need

This trip is not the time to try a new look. Pack essentials and reward yourself by leav- ing some room to bring things home.


4. Use every gap

Shoes are natural places for sock storage and other small items.

suitcase ipad book copy

5. Binder clip hack

Binder clips can protect razor blades and be used to wind earbuds around. Make sure to remember how many binder clips you bring as a way to make sure you don’t leave behind your smaller items.