Behind the Scenes: the work that goes into One Acts- Costumes and Makeup


Graphic by Jackie Lou

Written by Amanda Lee

Costumes and makeup are both crucial parts of a theater production. According to costume co-head sophomore Jessie Argumedo, costumes can help show relationships between characters and display details that are not mentioned in the play. “[Costumes] show the character’s personality through ways that maybe the actor couldn’t necessarily show,” she said.

According to head of makeup senior Jessy McKeown, makeup is used to bring out the actors’ features. “Because of all the crazy, intense lighting we use on the stage, it washes your face out and makes you look really flat, so you have to define all your features and make it look like you have cheek- bones, a nose and eyes,” she said.

Being part of the crew requires creativity and ingenuity, but each challenge brings them closer together. “The stage tech community is a lot of fun and it’s a great way to be a part of theater without all the pressure of memorizing lines and going on stage,” Argumedo said.