Fall Sports Updates: Cross Country


Written by Bridgette Gong

Curtis Liang is the coach for the 2016 cross country season and is also a Gunn graduate. “When I graduated ten years ago, I had a good impression of this school,” Liang said. “Gunn had a really nice environment and there was a lot of teamwork all around so I liked that too.”

Due to the positive impact Gunn had le on him, Curtis wanted to return to this school as a coach. “ The coaches I had when I was here were really helpful and great to me, and this created an enjoyable memory as I remember so I thought I would give back in the same way by coaching.”

Liang has quite a bit of experience with coaching cross country at Gunn as well. “I’ve coached here for the past five years,” Liang said. “My experience with cross country as a sport is actually fairly minimal.” Liang’s favorite thing about coaching the cross country team at Gunn is being a source of guidance for the kids on the team. “ I coach for the kids, that all, it’s really what I do,” he said.


Sophomore Hamsa Jambulapati enjoys all the opportunities that come from being on cross country. “I think it’s going to be a really great year,” she said. “A year ago when I was on the team I was just getting into the hang of things but now I get so many chances to just push myself and be the best I can be.”

Hamsa is very excited for the rest of the upcoming season. “We have a meet against Paly next week,” she said. “Doing my best during that meet is really important to me and I can’t wait.”

According to sophomore Lily Jose, this sport has had a positive impact on her life in several ways. “One of my favorites things about cross country is that it really motivates me to get t, build my endurance and keep going on even when it feels like I am just about to give up,” she said. “And it’s that kind of mindset that also helps me achieve other things in my life.”