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Students dream of summer fling: Boy Perspective

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By Steve Yang

Graphic by George Hwang

It is time to unwind; the long-awaited season of warmth has finally blessed us with its presence. I intend to fully take advantage of this time to polish the résumé, explore the world around me and of course, chillax like a boss. The possibilities are endless—new people to befriend, places to see, new discoveries to be made all day, everyday. At the top of my to-do list, however, is the search for the ideal girl to accompany me into summer.
Like many teens, I believe one of the greatest purposes of summer break is to finally find that significant other. As humans, we are basically programmed to crave the company of another person, and as intelligent beings, we desire that this person be compatible with ourselves. Personally, I want to find a girl who can appreciate and share my academic interests and understand my little pet peeves. Being the girl of my dreams and all, she would of course love everything in between all of that as well.

Summer is a gold mine for those that are single and ready to mingle. After all, we have plenty of free time to meet new people, one whom that will hopefully be that summer fling.  You know the type of girl I’m talking about right? The girl you want to stare at clouds with on top of a rolling green hill, to laugh so hard with that lemonade comes out your noses and to scream in terror with at a cheesy horror movie. The girl who can enrich your summer to its maximum potential.

The best part of all of this already lovely affair? There is no long-term commitment necessary, which is a slam dunk for all you commitment-shy gentlemen out there. This does not mean that you, my fellow males, can go out and attempt to hook up with any girl you want. It’s demeaning to our own gender; the proud Homo Sapiens does not stoop to trivial matters like fooling around or meaningless fun.
In fact, my ideal summer fling would be perfectly okay with being less physical than is expected from most high school relationships. Maybe she’d be someone who is content to just sit by my side and discuss fun, silly things.

Maybe the people I’m talking to are biased, but most of the guys who I’ve conversed with merely want a girl to be there for them through hell and high water. They want a girl who can handle the roller coaster of life with them. I’m not saying these summer flings are going to turn into your future spouse or anything; they may not even be the perfect yin to your yang. This special someone however, will make your summer more fun and will give you a reason to wake up early. Trust me, as lame as that sounds, yes, you are going to want to wake up early for this girl. She’ll be someone you’re constantly looking forward to.
And with summer right around the corner, who knows? Our lives are a daily lottery drawing, and at any minute we could meet our other half. As we all head off to various tropical destinations or stay home to start internships, it’s important to keep an open mind to these things and hope for the best.

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Students dream of summer fling: Boy Perspective