Waffles vs. Pancakes: Pancakes

flying_pancakeWritten by Evalyn Li

The pancake is superior to the waffle not only because it is a compound word but also due to the myriad of possibilities you find when you select this appetizing breakfast item. Days of routine actions have ended: fold them, season them or stack them, pancakes are versatile in any area. At its zenith, a pancake is capable of passing the lines of savory and sweet. With a pinch of salt and thinning of the batter, transform a pancake into a crepe. No matter how you enjoy a pancake, you will be left with utter satisfaction.

Of the two items, pancakes consistently have better texture. Browned on the outside and pillowy on the inside, pancakes soak up syrup much better than waffles. Also, the danger of making a dry or burnt waffle is high. For the sake of smoke detectors, waffles should be avoided. At the end of the day, however, the top priority is the democratization of food. Pancakes meet this criterion well, easy even on the jaws of the elderly, as they can be readily devoured by people of all ages.

Pancakes are the food of the common individual. Making pancakes are extremely simple, not requiring any fancy kitchenware. With its versatility, textural wonder and accessibility, it’s no wonder every country has its own version of it. With the promise of pancake diplomacy, the future appears to be more delicious than ever.