Food services: Lisa Mahpour reflects on her time at Gunn


Written by Maya Rapoport

Lisa Mahpour, a member of the kitchen staff, has worked for Gunn for nine years. She greatly enjoys her job in the cafeteria.

As part of the kitchen staff, Mahpour is in charge of making some of the main entrees. “Everyday is a challenge,” Mahpour said. “There is always something new.” She has to learn new recipes when the menu changes and learn when to make changes. However, she welcomes every challenge.

Mahpour also attended Gunn when she was a student. “Being back at the school is a real pleasure for me because it brings back a lot of good memories,” Mahpour said. Since she was a student, Gunn has changed a lot. There are many new buildings and Gunn also added a new snack bar. Mahpour believes the change is good, and she still remembers going into the cafeteria as a student to buy lunch with her friends.

Although she has been working as kitchen staff for a long time, Mahpour still enjoys everyday at the cafeteria. “This is a job that really makes me wake up in the morning glad to be working, I really enjoy what I do,” she said. When she first got the job, Mahpour was very proud of working for the district. She loves being around her coworkers and cooking for the students.

When Mahpour is done helping cook in the kitchen, she likes to relax. In her free time, Mahpour likes to sew and go out to eat in Italian restaurants. She also enjoys watching TV programs like the “Big Bang Theory.”