CCS Updates: Girls’ Golf

The girls’ golf team had a strong season this year, finishing third place in league with a record of 6-3-1 and placing tenth at Central Coast Section (CCS). Coach Chris Redfield, who has been coaching the girls’ golf team since 2011, believes that this year, it was important for the team to make CCS. “It [was] nice [to qualify] because it’s a sort of validation that you’ve had a really good season,” Redfield said.

To qualify for CCS, the team had to score in a league tournament, or be picked based on their scores from other competitions. Senior Margaret Redfield, a four-year member of the golf team, said the team had been practicing extensively for its league tournaments. “We have contests during practice to simulate high-pressure situations for our matches and tournaments,” Redfield said. Coach Redfield believes that the work the players have put in throughout the season prepared them for CCS. “You can’t plan to win, you just have to play your best,” Redfield said. Junior Lydia Tsai thinks that practicing everyday has helped her prepare for competitions. “It’s consistent preparation that gets you ready,” Tsai said.

According to senior Lucy Lamb, although playing golf is fun, preparation for reputed titles like CCS can be stressful. “It’s a lot of pressure to have a score set to yourself but it’s also nice because you feel like a big part of the team,” Lamb said. Despite the pressure of tournaments and qualifying for CCS, the girls’ support for each other kept the team going. “We encouraged each other and did not get down on ourselves afterward,” Tsai wrote in an email. “I loved seeing my teammates during the round on different holes and waving frantically to them and pumping each other up.”