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Sarah Chang

Recruited Athletes

May 25, 2020

Athletes share past injury experiences

November 1, 2019

Injuries are a common part of playing a sport. They can break careers or force athletes to come back even stronger. Senior Theo Makler, who has been swimming for 12 years, started developing a shoulder injury during his ...

Spring athletes strive for wins: boys’ golf


March 30, 2018

The boys’ golf team recently won Los Gatos and are now with 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie in their season overall. According to boys’ golf coach Marc Igler, one of the team’s main goals this year is to do well in the League...

Should athletes be exempt from physical education? (Pro)


September 15, 2017

Written by Grace Tramack Exercising over six hours per day sounds insane, and it is even more ridiculous that this is a reality for some students. Currently, to meet the requirements of an Independent Study (a self directed c...

Should Athletes be Exempt From Physical Education?


September 15, 2017

By: Laurel Comiter Students who participate in athletics outside of school have busier schedules than the average student. ey have to balance school, homework, social life and sports—everything the average student must...

LGBT athletes overcome barriers in athletics


April 15, 2016

Written by Jenna Marvet With dripping sweat, sticky skin from the hot sun and beating hearts slowing back to normal after a long day of practice, the Gunn cross country team sat together on the field. Captain at the time and a...

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