Spring athletes strive for wins: boys’ golf


The boys’ golf team recently won Los Gatos and are now with 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie in their season overall.

According to boys’ golf coach Marc Igler, one of the team’s main goals this year is to do well in the League Championships and to ultimately make it to Central Coast Section. “In the last 4 or 5 years, we’ve always made it to the League Championships, but we rarely make it to the CCS,” Igler said.

The biggest challenge the team needs to overcome is some inconsistency in player performances during matches. “Sometimes all my guys play well, sometimes none of them play well and sometimes, you know, a couple guys will play well but a couple guys won’t,” Igler said. “So the real challenge is to just get everybody playing well at the same time, and that’s just hard to do.”

Junior James Berger also says that the loss of a starter player at the start of the year presented some challenges as well. “We had a lot of difficulty trying to find the last few starters of the team, but after a few practice matches we have our line set up,” Berger said.

However, Igler believes that the team’s camaraderie will have a positive outcome for the rest of the season. “What’s encouraging is that the team has played together for quite a while, and everybody knows everybody well,” Igler said. “We drive to matches together, and as always, there’s good natured insults and everybody enjoys everybody else’s company. I think, by the end of the season, we will again make it to the League Championships.”

Berger also agrees that the team gets along very well and that fun is a major component of the team. “We always have a good time whether we win or we lose,” Berger said.