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Spangenberg Theater construction reaches completion

Eric Epstein

December 12, 2018

As the on-campus construction nears its con- clusion, the plans for moving students, staff and equipment into the new facilities are becoming more concrete. The project, which broke ground in early 2017, includes a rem...

Administration investigates vandalism across campus

Eric Epstein and Elisa Moraes-Liu

May 18, 2018

An outbreak of vandalism has swept through campus in recent weeks. According to Principal Kathleen Laurence, the graffiti has mainly affected the school bathrooms, and the strong chemicals used to wash off the markings resulted in s...

Are personality tests valid in judging one’s character? NO

Eric Epstein, Sports Editor

May 18, 2018

Anyone who has casually surfed the internet recently is sure to have seen zany personality quizzes on Buzzfeed or Facebook that determine a quiz-taker’s personality by comparing it to that of a character, celebrity, food item...

Students compete in First- ever Stock Market Game


March 30, 2018

Written by Eric Epstein The Stock Market Game is a new competition that pits students’ investing savvies against one another. e 84 participants will compete for a 50 dollar gi card to a store of the winner’s preferen...

ATHLETE OF THE MONTH: Junior Sebastian Cai, Swimmer


March 6, 2018

The Oracle: What inspired you to start swimming? Sebastian Cai: I started swimming after the 2008 [Beijing] Olympics when I saw Michael Phelps win eight gold medals. I was in China at the time, and I really enjoyed watc...

Sports Serve as a Source of Fun, Fitness for Staff: Joshua Little


December 8, 2017

Written by Eric Epstein Freshman biology teacher Joshua Little is currently training for a half-marathon he plans to run in mid-January. Little used to stay active by swimming but has not been swimming as much recently. “I was a...

Are the advantages of super teams fair game in the NBA?-Yes


November 9, 2017

Written by Eric Epstein For the 2017-18 NBA season, many superstar basketball players joined forces to create team rosters chock-full of ridiculous talent and stardom, dubbed “super teams.” This phenomenon has likely spr...

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