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Cultural Barriers Created by Differences Prevalent, Harmful

Quinn Arbolante

March 30, 2018

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By Quinn Arbolante For the past couple years, East Asian culture has swarmed the Western hemisphere. Korean pop (K-pop) concerts and festivals in U.S. cities have sold out, anime is experiencing huge growth and Korean dram...

Maturity level of 18 year olds should justify right to drink


December 8, 2017

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Written by: Jack Mallery For a country that prides itself on being advanced and sophisticated, America is surprisingly behind the times when it comes to the legalization of alcohol. A drinking age of 21 has become anachronistic...

Industrial nations should take responsibility for carbon emissions


October 13, 2017

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Written by Andrew Zhao The world faces an impending crisis. With greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at a maximum for the last four hundred thousand years, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, humanity's industrializat...

Safe Spaces Provide Refuge from Triggers


December 30, 2016

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  By: Jack Mallery It’s 2016, and many things that were allowed in previous years are no longer safe and okay to say to others. Gendered insults and racial slurs are not tolerated in our communities anymore. Sometimes...

Schools should provide free condoms to students


October 11, 2016

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Written by Carolyn Kuimelis School is a place for emotional as well as academic learning, and schools should take steps to open up the conversation about sexual health to ensure that their students are equipped with the knowl...

Whitewashing in Hollywood Harms Youth


September 9, 2016

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By Jack Mallery In 2015, the drama and romance film “Aloha” sparked outrage for its casting choices, raising questions about equality for acting jobs in Hollywood. Emma Stone, a white actress, was cast as the Asian-Ha...

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