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Gamer plays competitive Smash Bros Brawl

Josh Mei, Reporter

March 8, 2019

“I have too much free time,” competitive Super Smash Bros Ultimate player and junior Aron Rei De Guzman said. Since freshman year, he and a group of friends met every Friday after school until five to practice competiti...

Pro: Is the college athletic recruitment process fair?


December 2, 2016

  Written by Anyi Cheng The first semester of senior year is synonymous with senioritis: steadily sinking grades, cold weather and most of all, college applications. Among the few seniors who aren’t in the college a...

Pro: Dating apps are beneficial to teenagers


March 14, 2016

Written by Janet Wang In the last few years, the usage of technology and digital media has sky-rocketed—especially among teenagers. The current adolescent generation has been immersed in a technology-driven culture where soci...

Online forums are catalysts for productive discussion


February 19, 2016

Written by Evalyn Li Since its conception, the Internet has simplified many of our everyday tasks. In addition to gaining free information from around the world and online shopping, we have gained a new platform to ...

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