Student produce videos, share interests through Youtube: Camila Besprosvan

Katie Zhang

With around 6,000 subscribers and an average of 350 views per video, sophomore Camila Besprosvan has kept her YouTube channel thriving for many years. “I started in the seventh grade but was very shy about it,” she said. “ There really wasn’t something that made me start a channel; I just really enjoyed talking to a camera and eventually I decided to make videos for YouTube.”

On YouTube, you can find a multitude of YouTubers with unique styles of videos, but Besprosvan’s main focus is on fashion. “[I do] any sort of lookbook videos because I love fashion and with those videos I can really play with the editing and get creative,” she said.

Having consistent communication with viewers is both thrilling and exciting to Besprosvan. “ The best part is being able to talk to people all over the world,” she said. “I get comments from people in Italy, Turkey [and] India and it’s really amazing.”

The most impactful interaction Besprosvan had was when she received a message from one of her long-time viewers. “One time a viewer direct messaged me on Instagram saying that she is from Chile and she really likes my videos,” she said. “I used to live in Chile, and after talking a little with her we both found out we went to the same elementary school and she knows all of my old friends.”

Besprosvan’s commitment to YouTube was accompanied by numerous challenges along the way. “Sometimes people can make you feel like you’re not going to get anywhere and discourage you,” she said. “It’s hard to focus on why you make videos when people tell you what you are supposed to be doing or why you’re not successful.”

For a few of Besprosvan’s videos, she plans out when she has the time to film and edit. However, whenever she gets bored, she often spontaneously decides to film a makeup tutorial, or just talk to a camera and be herself. When she doesn’t know what videos to post, Besprosvan reaches out to her viewers and subscribers for suggestions. “Mostly my viewers request videos for me to do and I kind of put my own twist into them or whenever I’m thinking of something cool I think how would I turn this into a video,” she said.

As a YouTuber with several years of experience and progressive successes, Besprosvan has valuable advice for aspiring YouTubers. “Don’t stress about views and subscribers,” she said. “If you really enjoy making videos you will find happiness in simply filming and editing, not in numbers.”