Change in seasons calls for wardrobe update – Masculine Style

By Peter Oh


From a young age, my fashion has always been so basic that there is almost no noticeable change between the seasons. No matter how often my parents would chastise me, telling me to wear layers upon layers of long-sleeved shirts, long pants, sweaters and rain jackets, I never listened to them because I have never been into wearing that many articles of clothing meant to keep me warm. For example, in elementary school, I would bike through the rain even if my backpack was thoroughly soaked by the time I made it to school, my short legs feeling as if they were frostbitten from the cold water that splashed up on them whenever I sped purposely through puddles. Back then, you could always find me in the same Nike or Adidas athletic shorts, whether I was beneath the skin-peeling sun of summer or the cloudy skies of the fall.

This summer, I must have worn basketball or khaki shorts almost every single day. For my top, I would find a T-shirt that somewhat went along with the color of my shorts, and that would be all when it came to choosing my outfit every morning.

However, since fall is upon all of us now, I will probably start wearing basic blue jeans or light brown khakis here and there, as I’m not as strongly opposed to them as I was when I was a child. Hoodies will also begin to become a daily necessity for me; I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of a good sweatshirt that keeps my upper body warm, and I especially value having a hood even though I rarely ever need one. Any sort of outerwear without a hood just seems weird and unstylish to me, so I will only ever be seen wearing a hoodie around school.

I know none of my fashion choices are really anything special, but all I’m really trying to do is make sure I feel good about what I have on and make sure I can make it through the whole day without being uncomfortably cold or warm. Don’t expect me to be on Gunn Style Watch anytime soon, though.