Campus construction continues

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Written by: Wayland Fong

Construction workers are currently working on three construction projects: world language buildings, a gymnasium and new math and English buildings.

The world language buildings will be located in the front of the school.  Two new buildings connected by a canopy will house five classrooms, a kitchenette, a workroom, bathrooms and an office. This structure is scheduled to be completely constructed by Dec. 2012.

The new gymnasium and the current gymnasium will have a lobby and bleachers on both sides, as well as a dance studio and fitness room.  The new gymnasium is scheduled for completion by Nov. 2012, but, according to administration officials, it may be finished sooner.

The math and English buildings will be built as a complex of four separate two?story buildings connected by a canopy.  A courtyard will be included in the set of buildings. English classes will be on the first floor while math classes occupy the second floor. There will also be two computer labs, a staff workroom and an office. This complex will be ready for the 2013-14 school year.

Assistant Principal of Facilities Kimberly Cowell, whose role is to communicate with the construction management representative, the construction contractors and PAUSD office, has received positive feedback from the Gunn community. “Our staff and students have been wonderful,” Cowell said. “Everyone seems to be excited about the new construction and what we will have once it is complete.”