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Prop 38 is a boon to public education

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Written by: Henry Siu

After a devastating $20 billion cut from California’s education as many as 40,000 California educators have been laid off. Prop 38 will increase the government revenue by billions of dollars every year for 12 years by increasing personal income taxes.

The revenue from Prop 38 is guaranteed to be used for California’s education system, and prohibits the use of this money for other purposes. Prop 38 also states that a certain amount of money will be allocated to help pay off the state debt every year. Approving Prop 38 is the more favorable option, since it will result in an increase in revenue for California’s education system and help bring down California’s debt.

According to the California General Election official voter information guide, California’s spending per pupil is down to 47 out of the 50 states. Prop 38 will provide $10 billion annually for 12 years through increased taxes.

The higher tax rates will affect all taxpayers but are dependent on income. The wealthiest of taxpayers will see an increase of 2.2 percent in their income tax while the impoverished will pay an average of only $7 more per year, thus providing a fair, balanced tax measure that will be used for educational improvements by having the rich pay more and the poor pay le

ss. The only ones exempt from this new tax are couples that make less than $500,000 a year.

If passed, all revenues produced from Prop 38 will solely be for educational purposes, not for increased salaries or pensions. Politicians will also not be allowed to use the money for anything else other than education. Along with guaranteed education funding, Prop 38 also guarantees $3 billion—not from the revenues—to help pay off California’s debt. In addition, if Prop 38 is passed, it will be in effect for 12 years unless acted upon by California citizens. Politicians cannot amend Prop 38; only voters can, which means state officials cannot redirect Prop 38’s revenues to another cause.

Prop 38’s positives outweigh the issues it does not address. Despite Prop 38’s failure to save California’s education from the $6 billion trigger cut, the $6 billion will be made up for. Guarantees to education are what many citizens have  been looking for. To maintain and continue sufficient funding for California’s educational excellence, it is necessary to pass Prop 38.

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Prop 38 is a boon to public education