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Opening of Palo Alto History Museum planned for next year

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Written by: Regina Tran

The Palo Alto History Museum Board will open a new museum in 2014 to share the history of Palo Alto and Stanford University with the community and visitors.

According to President of the Palo Alto History Museum Board Steve Staiger, many Palo Alto citizens are  unfamiliar with the city’s history, which is an extreme factor in the reasoning behind building the museum. “A local history museum is especially important for Palo Alto and Stanford because so many of our current residents did not grow up here and are unfamiliar with its history,” Staiger said. “To understand the history of your community will help you become a contributor to your community.”

There will be a variety of different exhibits at the museum. According to Staiger, the Palo Alto History Museum will not be like any other museum in terms of the way the information is presented. The museum will cover the typical information that is usually presented at museums but will have an interactive aspect to it.

The Palo Alto History Museum Board would also like to have full-size holograms of historic figures at the entrance of the museum to welcome visitors. “The idea of what kinds of exhibits would be suitable for our museum has followed the philosophy that this museum will not be your grandmother’s history museum,” Staiger said. “Many, if not most of the exhibits, will have a hands-on interactive element to the story being told.”

According to Staiger, the board sees the new attraction to be much more than just a museum. “Once the museum opens, it will be more than a bunch of old dusty exhibits,” Staiger said. “There will be events [such as talks, shows and other hands-on doings] that will draw people who might not ordinarily go to a museum. We see the museum and the park outside becoming Palo Alto’s town square.”

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Opening of Palo Alto History Museum planned for next year