How to relate to introverts

The Oracle

Compiled by Ariel Pan

Published in the November 6th, 2015 issue

1. Introverts have opinions; include them in conversations and ask questions like, “What do you think?”

2. Don’t force introverts to speak or guilt them into speaking; let them speak when they feel comfortable doing so.

5. Not all introverts are shy; most are willing to make new friends, so feel free to approach them.

6. Introverts don’t automatically hate people; they are just fine alone as well. Don’t automatically assume they are angry or sad all the time.

7. Try to engage introverts in one-on-one conversations rather than in a group.

8. Introverts are great listeners if you need someone to talk to.

9. Introverts often open up more once you get to know them.

10. Introverts don’t always prefer to read or do personal activities by themselves all the time; feel free to invite them to hang out.