How to maintain better focus studying for finals

The Oracle

Written by Barrett Zhang

  • Ban electronics
    • Banning electronics for the duration of studying may be hard but it helps reduce distractions for your studying process.
  • Listen to relaxing music
    • Listening to music can increase concentration, but usually only if the music does not contain lyrics. It is best to find some background music to listen to while working.
  • Exercise before studying
    • Doing light exercise before mental activity helps reduce your excess energy. It also improves your concentration levels.
  • Use flashcards
    • Using flashcards while studying allows you to switch things up in your routine, which can help you retain more information.
  • Highlight!
    • Highlight things while studying so that you can find the main points later on. This also helps to ensure that you are focusing on the job that needs to be done.
  • Take breaks and relax
    • Taking 15-20 minute breaks between large studying sessions will help you greatly by allowing your brain some time to relax from constant use.
  • Order the subjects
    • Do the most tedious and hardest subjects first. This way you can concentrate on the necessary material.
  • Talk to yourself
    • This helps you hear the information that you are reading. It also helps keep you awake.

Good luck, Titans! Make sure to take care of yourself in the weeks leading up to finals. A test isn’t worth sacrificing your health.