High school survival guide: students give advice to next generation- Junior to Sophomores

Written by Amanda Lee


There are usually two mindsets that freshmen have when they go into sophomore year. One is, “Hey, I got through freshmen year, right? Sophomore year will be a breeze.” The other is, “Oh my gosh, this is my second year of high school! I’m going to have so much more homework and I’ll have to stay up until 2 a.m.” Both mindsets are right. You’ll know where to find the K building, what Homecoming is and where the sophomore quad is. But sophomore year is harder, especially when it comes to academics. Teachers have greater expectations of you. Homework policies will not be as lenient. And yes, there is more homework.

First of all, it’s much easier to talk to teachers when they are not preparing for the next period. Flex Time is an excellent time to ask teachers questions and if a teacher offers study sessions before a major test, go to them. Teachers will have more time for you since there are fewer students. A teacher who seems intimidating in class might not be as scary when you talk to them one-on-one, so don’t use that as an excuse to not talk to teachers.

Studying with classmates or friends can also be useful. Create a class chat or group for a difficult course. They are a great way to discuss concepts you don’t understand or to get the homework assignment if you were absent.My elementary school teacher emphasized that one has to balance work and play. That piece of advice is true when learning how to succeed during sophomore year. Enjoy time with friends; sophomore year is likely to be the last year when you have plenty of time to socialize, so use it wisely! Friends are going to be one of your biggest sources of strength.

Some last words of advice: enjoy this year and make wonderful memories with your friends. Throw yourself (not literally) into what you love—sports, volunteering, clubs, music, art or even journalism. Sure, it probably is a good idea to start thinking about the SAT and ACT, college and life after high school, but don’t spend all your time worrying. You still have two more years before graduation. Good luck, sophomores. Have a great year!