High school survival guide: students give advice to next generation- Sophomores to Freshmen

Written by Sohini Ashoke and Seungik Shin


As freshman starting high school, what lies ahead seems like a grueling path. The transition can often be stressful for students because of the challenge of making friends and managing schoolwork. However, if you remember these pointers, your first year at Gunn will be smooth and easy-going.

First, as a freshman, communicating well with your teachers and other students helps make you feel more comfortable and willing to participate more in class. Although you probably have your own group of friends, you are not always going to have those friends in your class. Strike a conversation with someone you have never met before, and who knows, you might just make another friend.

Also, talk with your teachers and you’ll find that a one-on-one conversation with your math teacher isn’t always “May I go to the bathroom?” or “See you Tuesday.” If you can hold a conversation with your teachers, classes become more enjoyable, as you have a more personal relationship with them.

Second, do not pack too much in your backpack. It’s nice to be prepared, but you do not want to carry too much extra weight. To avoid unnecessary shoulder pain, instead of using one big binder, use small binders for each individual class. By doing this, you’d only bring the materials for the classes you have that day, making your load lighter.

Furthermore, creating or joining a club can help you find a sense of community at Gunn and discover new interests. Our school has a growing number of clubs every year. From the usual language clubs like French Club to more unique ones like the Thespian Club, you are likely to find a student organization on campus that fits your needs. However, if none of the clubs interest you, you can always start your own. If you enjoy a certain hobby, make a club for that hobby. Whatever you choose to do, know that both choices are both equally enjoyable and valuable.

Last but not least, don’t procrastinate. Many students tend to procrastinate in freshman year, which costs them precious sleep that is important to their health. Find a way to schedule your study time with a calendar so that you are prepared for whatever that comes your way.

Overall, freshmen year can be a challenging and confusing year. There is lots to do and figure out. There’s more people, new classes and a new environment. However, if you make the right decisions, you can make your freshman year one of the most memorable years of high school. The choice is yours. May the odds ever be in your favor!