NorCal Media Day gives students the ability to explore journalistic fields




Written by Akansha Gupta, Clara Kieschnick-Llamas, Amanda Lee 

NorCal Media Day is an annual event hosted at Palo Alto High School, where journalism students are able to visit a variety of sessions discussing journalistic topics. Speakers range from professional journalists to editors of high school magazines. This year’s theme was “Storytelling: Now, Forever, Soon, Later.”

The Oracle‘s advisor Kristy Blackburn talked about Changing the Narrative.

The day started off with a 15 minute introduction. For the first session, there were seventeen classes going on at the same time. The students could pick which class they went to. There was a quick break, then Session 2. During lunch, members from the Gunn Jazz Band performed as students enjoyed the complimentary lunch.

After lunch, Keynote speaker Palo Alto High School alumna Lakshmi Sarah discussed the power of 360 video in journalism, then students went to the final session of the day, Session 3.

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