Green Zone comes to Gunn

The Oracle

by Wonhee Park:

This year, the library has set up a new resource for students known as the Green Zone, which is an area in the corner of the library with a green screen available to students. The Green Zone is a resource that librarian Meg Omainsky has provided for green screening images and movies.

“The green screen is a creative tool,” video production teacher Edward Corpuz said. “Since iMovie is installed on all Apple computers, everyone can take advantage of using the green screen feature for special effects.” A tutorial on how to use the green screen is on the library’s YouTube channel, Gunnlibrary.

The idea for the Green Zone came from Omainsky’s philosophy on the world of information. “Students consume information but they also create information,” Omainsky said. “The world of information is not only about consumption anymore, but just as much about creation.”

Junior Ishan Sharma is one of the many students excited about the Green Zone. “I think the Green Zone is great, it’s going to be a great tool for me when I want to do a cool backdrop,” Sharma said.