One Acts Behind the Scenes: Paint and Construction


Written by Clara Kieschnick

One Acts’ paint and construction crews are planning a very simple stage due to the frequent changes in scenery and the general nature of the selected plays being performed. “For One Acts, all we really have to do is pull some furniture in addition to building a couple door frames for one of the shows,” construction head sophomore Shep Dick said.

The simplicity of the plays puts less pressure on the paint and construction crews and they plan on reusing materials from previous plays. “I feel like this year there was less work and [fewer] long hours compared to last year just because of the nature of the plays we did,” paint head junior Hannah Zinn said.

For both crews, their deadlines are cue-to-cue, which means that the actors, lights and sound go through everything step by step. “Usually we have the stuff done around [cue-to-cue],” Zinn said. “[But] we [do] a few touch-ups up until the day before opening.”