Highlights Of The School Year: School-organized Events promote bold spirit


The biggest spirit event of the year was an exciting week in October. The theme was “The Happiest Week on Earth” and all of the dress-up themes were based on Disney movies. Gunn’s Student Executive Council (SEC) changed Homecoming Court by abolishing the titles of Homecoming King and Queen and encouraging staff and students to nominate students who represent Gunn values.

Maze Runner

This lunch event in September pitted the freshmen and juniors against the sophomores and seniors. The freshmen and juniors all wore black, while the sophomores and seniors wore red. Students linked hands to create a giant human maze, and students from each grade had to find their way through it. The sophomores and seniors won, and by the end everyone got free pizza.

Gunn-Paly Dance

The first cross-town dance between the two Palo Alto high schools in a decade was a casual winter dance held at the Mitchell Park Community Center in February. Approximately 500 students from both schools attended. The theme was “Highlight the Night,” so attendees dressed up in white clothes. The dance planners provided air hockey, pool and foosball as alternate activities.